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Obama Swimsuit
The Birth of Venus
Family Guy Peter
Cosimo Medici as Orpheus

How it works

Using artificial intelligence to detect nudity

Tools used


Our algorithm is based on existing solutions which detect skin patches and their relative position and size, but also reduces false positives by detecting other features in the image (such as faces) and removing them from consideration, or using them to count the number of people in each image and adjust for skin tone.


With just a single call to our API, a developer can easily add nudity-detection, within a given level of confidence, to their application or data processing pipeline. This allows for easy flagging of inappropriate images, without the need to build or integrate any complex image-processing libraries or machine-learning architecture.

Built For Developers

A simple, scalable API for machine intelligence


import Algorithmia

input = "_IMAGE_URL_"
client = Algorithmia.client('_API_KEY_')
algo = client.algo('sfw/NudityDetectioni2v/0.2.6')

print algo.pipe(input)


    "nude": true,
    "confidence": 0.93

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